HDC Continues to Work on the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Athens, Ohio

The Mount Zion Baptist Church Preservation Society recently received a grant to continue with planning studies, which included geotechnical investigations and schematic design drawings. HDC worked with Karpinski Engineering to size the ductwork to make sure they would fit in the ceiling plenum and to locate the interior and exterior equipment. During the design process, it was discovered that the basement ceiling is not sagging but rather it simply follows the bowl shape of the floor above. The designers and builders of the church did not waste any space, which made it a challenge to locate mechanical equipment! The project also received coverage in the Columbus Dispatch in honor of Black History Month, detailing what this property teaches about the past and how we can honor its history moving forward.  Click here to read the article.

Southwest corner of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in January 2024, after removal of the stained glass windows to secure storage for protection.