HDC Designs a New Building for ODNR

HDC was commissioned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to design a new storage facility in Fernwood State Forest in Jefferson County. The new building will sit next to the existing pre-fabricated metal storage building that features three bays with overhead doors. The pre-fabricated new building will have four bays with overhead doors, one of which will also have an overhead door on the back, which will allow ODNR to pull trucks and trailers into the building to load and unload equipment out of the weather. The project also features a rainwater harvesting system to be used to wash vehicles. The project is projected to bid this spring with construction completed this year. Although this is not a typical HDC project, ODNR is a fantastic client and Ziti loves going to their project locations!

Proposed front elevation (with Ziti) of the Fernwood State Forest Storage Building in Jefferson County, Ohio.