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When Ziti suddenly had trouble using her rear legs, an MRI revealed multiple areas of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), a
HDC is working with Design Group to prepare an assessment and feasibility study of the Hayes Henderson House for the
Interior of the Baker Brothers Wholesale Grocery building in Zanesville, Ohio, which was listed in the National Register in March
HDC was commissioned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to design a new storage facility in Fernwood State Forest
The Mount Zion Baptist Church Preservation Society recently received a grant to continue with planning studies, which included geotechnical investigations
The top five finishers of each breed in 2022 were invited to the 2023 invitational, held December 12-16 at the
While working on the Taylor Farm buildings for the City of New Albany, HDC proposed that the chicken coop be
HDC is currently working on a project to renovate a portion of the basement at the Beightler Armory in Columbus.
When it comes to door hardware, there are so many more choices, decisions and options than you might think. Believe
Architects often put people in their drawings to convey the sense of scale of their design The typical scale figure
Don Durst and Ziti at far right with all the teams who earned Perfect Day ribbons at the CPE agility
HDC is working with Metro CD Engineering to conduct facility assessments of totaling over 600,000 SF of space. The facilities date