Ziti the Noodle Dog Goes to the AKC FastCAT Invitational Again!

The top five finishers of each breed in 2022 were invited to the 2023 invitational, held December 12-16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Ziti was invited as the #2 beagle in 2022, where she finished with a Best of Breed rosette and an FCAT8 certification rosette. But first, we had to drive her down to Orlando and then get her back.
      Left: Ziti goes back to Flagler beach and still cannot appreciate the ocean. Right: We revisit the sweet shop in town to pick up some snacks.
Left: Ziti gets to enjoy Lake Louise State Park when it’s not raining. Right: On the way out Ziti poses by some artwork by the entry station.
Left: Ziti shows off one of the two rosettes she wins at the Invitational. Right: The group that runs at The Gated Dock, where Ziti got her start in FastCAT.
Left: Congaree National Park in South Carolina allows dogs, so Ziti gets to visit a swamp. Right: Ziti next to some cypress stump rings.
Left: Cowpens National Battlefield, a Revolutionary War site, also allows dogs. Right: Ziti gets a nice walk and poses with a cannon cutout.
Left: Kings Mountain National Military Park (another Revolutionary War site), also allows dogs. Right: Ziti walks some hilly trails and climbs some monument steps.
Left: Ziti visited New River Gorge National River park as a puppy in the summer  of 2019 and now poses by Sandstone Falls in the winter. Right: We hike a trail we did not do in 2019 and Ziti gets to chase some wild turkeys.