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Researching Your Property

Part 1, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (by Roy Hampton, originally posted January 12, 2012) If you’re interested in researching the history of an older building, you might be happy to find that quite a few free resources are available to you, both online and at local public libraries and government offices. One important source of […]

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The Hardlines Design Company Story Part 3 – Architecture, History, and Archaeology

(by Charissa Durst, originally published November 30, 2011) Why do we offer architecture, history, and archaeology under one roof? The tripartite structure of Hardlines was a natural outgrowth and evolution of the overlapping talents and interests of Don and myself, shaped over time through opportunity, hard work, and a little bit of serendipity. In the […]

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(originally posted October 20, 2011) Welcome to the Hardlines Design Company Blog! Welcome to our blog! Blogging is a new venture for Hardlines Design Company, part of a new direction we are using to reach out to our clients, our colleagues, and the public at large. We plan to use this space to share news […]

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