Ziti Continues to Recover from Surgery

Since February, Ziti goes to Medvet for rehab twice a week and once a month for acupuncture. She is also on supplements to promote bone, muscle, ligament, and nerve health as well as Assisi loop treatments three times a day to promote circulation. Ziti’s favorite therapy, however, continues to be hiking in a park or playing around in the backyard. In the last 3 months, Ziti has run around Walnut Woods Metro Park, experienced Totality during the Solar Eclipse, and hiked hilly trails at Mohican State Park.

Left: Ziti getting an Assisi Loop treatment and wondering why she has to wear a blinking light. Right: Ziti having fun at the Hobbit House at Groovy Plants Ranch.
Left: Ziti enjoying life on a trail in the woods. Right: Ziti wonders what her new friend on the patio is trying to say.