Ziti the Noodle Dog Retires from Competitive Dog Sports

When Ziti suddenly had trouble using her rear legs, an MRI revealed multiple areas of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), a problem that often affects beagles. She had a 2.5 hour back surgery on January 22 and was not able to come home until January 25. Ziti started rehabilitation and acupuncture the following week and is now, after 9 weeks, able to walk, run, and climb logs normally. She does not currently have total control of her legs, but we are working on this and it should improve with time. Because of this condition, Ziti has retired from agility and FastCAT in order to avoid injury associated with jumping and chasing objects. So, Ziti will just have to go back to being a dog that goes to the park on weekends instead!
Meanwhile, here’s a collection of Ziti’s athletic career highlights:
Left: Ziti having a great time on a FastCAT run in Ohio. Right: Ziti and Charissa at the 2022 FastCAT Invitational in Orlando.
At left, Ziti taking a jump at an agility trial and at right, Ziti leaping into the table.
At left, Ziti powers through the weave poles and at right, posing with her ribbons after a perfect day on January 6, 2024.
At left, Ziti’s scar shows how extensive her surgery was and at right, Ziti gets some sun therapy after a morning rehab session.