Ziti the Noodle Dog Prefers Going to a Park

Ziti ran six 600-yard CAT courses over a 3-day weekend in Medina, but it became obvious that her heart just wasn’t in it since she had to do it all by herself. Ziti kept stopping and running back to us to get us to run with her. She completed all six runs and earned a CAA certification, but we probably won’t be signing her up for more in the future. Since there is usually a two-hour time lapse between her first and second runs, we take Ziti to a local park, where she gets to run around, sniff, and be a beagle. After the second run, we took her to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and went off on other tangential trails that we typically miss when zipping along the tow path on bicycles.

    Left: Ziti posing for her CAA certification. Right: Ziti amongst the sneezeweed on a trail near the CAT track.
    Left:  Ziti having fun walking the quarry walls on the Quarry Trail. Right: Ziti enjoys a log on the Hemlock Trail near Chippewa Creek Gorge.