Ziti the Noodle Dog Masters a New AKC Sport!

Ziti continues to run the 100-yard Fast CAT event in less than 8 seconds, maintaining her title as the fastest beagle in America in 2022. Fast CAT grew out of CAT (coursing ability test) which is a 600-yard run where the dog has to follow a lure on a figure-8 shaped track all by herself. The first time Ziti ran the CAT, she made it about 100 yards before she realized there was no one at the other end and turned around back to where the humans were standing at the start line. On her second run, she made it about 75% around the track before she caught scent of something and wandered off course. On her third run, she made it around the track with some encouragement from her humans. She ran her fourth and fifth runs completely on her own and in great form — and in less than one minute! And, most importantly congratulations Ziti for qualifying for a CA certification!

Click HERE to watch a video of Ziti running the CAT in Medina.

Ziti takes a corner on the figure 8-shaped course in a photo by Stacie Parks (left) and posing for her CA ribbon (right)