Summer 2020

May 11 is Ziti Day!

Ziti celebrated her one-year anniversary with us on May 11, 2020. She got her annual shots and weighed in at 30 pounds, exceeding earlier predictions of 26 pounds. Ziti’s vet is conveniently next door to the office, and new COVID-19 rules mean we have to call them at the front door, and they take her away for her exam and then return her while we wait outside. On a nice day, many people wait outside instead of in their cars. Ziti has taken to barking at some of them, probably because faces covered by masks and sunglasses just don’t look right to her!

Ziti as she appeared on May 12, right after her annual exam.

Scioto Southland Community Center is Open!

Construction on the renovation and addition to the Indian Mound Recreation Center, renamed the Scioto Southland Community Center, did slow down with the onset of COVID-19 but is now almost complete. The parking lot was paved at the end of April, and the contractors are just correcting items on the punch list. When recreation centers were allowed to open at the end of May, staff slowly started moving in and setting up. The facility is partially open for structured programs they had previously committed to, but it is not yet open to the general public.

Overall exterior view, with the original gym at the left, next to the new entry spine.
      On the left is the new entry lobby with plentiful natural light. On the right is the existing gym that was saved and refurbished, with new windows and seating.

Construction Commences on Columbus City Schools Restroom Project

HDC has been reviewing shop drawings and submittals for the project, and the first of the weekly construction progress meetings was held on-site in mid-June at Winterset Elementary School. Each week the team will meet at a different location to view construction progress until the project is completed in early August. The construction contract is being led by Tommy Bocook of Bomar Construction Company, which is working on several restroom packages this summer.

      Left: The old partitions at Winterset Elementary School have been removed and accessories stockpiled for reinstallation on new partitions. Right: The doors on the terrazzo stalls at Hamilton STEM school have been removed, leaving the panels ready for cleaning.

Gardner Homestead Roof Work is Complete

Construction on the first phase of the Flint Cemetery Office / Gardner Homestead rehabilitation project is complete. Steller Construction LLC of Powell completed work on the attic structural reinforcement and new roof, gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascia, and rafter tails. The firm had previously worked on the chimney flashing repair and removal of the bathroom addition, and it hopes to be able to complete the remaining two phases of the project.

      On the left is the south side elevation of the Gardner Homestead. On the right is a detail of the completed soffit, fascia, gutter, and downspout.

Ziti in the Office and at Home

Since Ziti is so friendly, people have wondered how anyone can get anything done when she’s in the office. In reality, if everyone sits still and works at their desk, then Ziti is content to take a nap in her bed. Once people start moving around, the cattle dog in her kicks in and she wants to herd everyone around. When we’re working in the garden, Ziti constantly runs back and forth checking that we’re still where she left us. This also happens if one of us is upstairs and the other is downstairs.

Click HERE to watch the video of Ziti going nose-to-nose with a doe that has been following her around for the past two weeks on her midday walk at the office. Neighbors think the doe seems lonely and Ziti may remind her of a fawn.

      Left: Ziti declares NO PUPARRAZI in the office–go back to work! Right: It’s OK to pose for planting season on the weekend.