Northcoast Behavioral Health Project Starts Up Again

In April of 2022, HDC submitted a partial Schematic Design set with a menu of scope items, estimates, and work recommendations for the Northcoast Behavioral Health Center’s former Dietary Building for review by the Ohio Department of Development of Developmental Disabilities. The project was on hold but suddenly came back to life in March when a user group needed to move into the building. The Dietary Facility was built in 1993 and had not had any major updates in 30 years. It was designed as a kitchen to prepare meals for all the residents living in the complex. In 2015, the main hospital was renovated and expanded and by 2016, five buildings were demolished, including buildings built in the 1940s as part of the original Hawthornden State Hospital. The former Dietary Facility was then relegated to storage and overflow offices. HDC’s scope is to determine all work needed to convert the building into permanent office and storage use, and then provide a logical phasing schedule to accommodate a two-year funding cycle, with the first phase to be implemented this year.

View of the former dietary facility at Northcoast Behavioral Health.