HDC Celebrates over 25 years of Partnership with Kabil Associates

HDC was introduced to Kabil Associates while team members on Burgess & Niple’s Life Sciences Building project for The Ohio State University back in 1996. Almost 30 years later, Kabil Associates is still HDC’s go-to firm for structural engineering services, especially if it involves a historic building. Kabil Associates was established in 1980 by Shashi Savla, PE, who remains its President. Kabil Associates was the structural engineer on the Sojourner Center for Women and Children in Hamilton, Ohio, HDC’s first project with the State of Ohio. Other notable projects include the Lincoln Theatre, where Kabil had to infill portions of the basement as remnants of the 19th century building foundations were found to still be present and repair large holes in the steel structural members in the ballroom created by a prior renovation project. Kabil was also on the team for Stewart Elementary School, which required special handling of the 1870s rubble stone foundation after it was exposed to expand the lower level and to repair structural damage caused by a fire. Kabil has also supported many of our historic structure reports, including ones for the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Athens, the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in South Point, and the Hunter Robbins Museum in Granville.
Left: Sojourner Center entry with octagonal lobby tower whose structural members had to be sized to resist outward force. Right: Stewart Elementary School excavation exposed the stone foundation.
Left: The new Lincoln Theatre balcony required two new support columns at the center. Right: Floor beams at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church still has original hand hewn logs with tree bark.