Lathrop House Residential Architecture, Sylvania, Ohio

Lathrop House
Hardlines Design Company conducted physical research that determined the original upright and wing portion of the Lathrop House was built in the 1830s. This wing was then moved and attached to a large c. 1840 Greek revival style house built by abolitionist Lucian Lathrop. The entire house was moved 1000 yards to its current location at the edge of Harroun Park in Sylvania, Ohio, and will be rehabilitated as a House Museum.

Phase 1 consisted of the research and documentation needed to prepare a Historic Structure Report for review by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, followed by construction documents for stabilizing the structure and rehabilitating the exterior. Work includes repairing the connection between the original structure and the new foundation, new wood shingle roof, rebuilding brick chimneys, research and restoration of the original door and window openings, and rebuilding missing porches. Phases 2 – 4 include new building systems, interior rehabilitation, and site/landscaping work.

Ultimately, visitors will be able to experience the house as a fugitive slave by entering the restored stone basement, as well as experience the house as a guest by entering the front door. Rooms will be restored with period finishes and furnishings.

Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area
Phase 1 – 2008