Campbell Hall Renovations, The Ohio State University

Campbell Hall
Karpinski Engineering asked Hardlines Design Company to provide architectural support in their project to upgrade the HVAC system serving laboratories in Campbell Hall for the Department of Human Nutrition at The Ohio State University. The scope consisted of conducting an investigation of existing conditions and providing solutions for the replacement of the building’s 100% outside air HVAC system that controls about 5,400 SF of the department’s third floor laboratories and 840 SF of the associated corridor. The project also included an investigation to correct the heating and cooling control issues for the department’s second floor offices, along with a whole building HVAC system analysis and report. Since the laboratory facilities involve some hazard due to the chemicals and gases used for research, the project also included assessment of existing fume hoods, controls, ductwork, and general exhaust to condition the spaces. Karpinski designed a new 25,000 CFM air handling unit to service the third floor and basement laboratories.