Xenia Main Street Facades Exterior Envelope Architecture

Xenia Main Street Facades
Toward Independence, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities live independently, commissioned Hardlines Design Company (HDC) to assess and rehabilitate the Xenia Main Street Facades of two historic buildings owned by the organization in downtown Xenia. The project was partially funded by state grants and had to comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

An HDC team conducted a roof assessment that included several roof cores to determine the condition and composition of the underlayment. The team also used a lift to remove sections of exterior cement wall panels applied in the 1930s to examine the condition of the brick masonry underneath. The team also researched historic photographs for images of the building’s original appearance.

The project ultimately consisted of replacing one of the roofs, removing the cement wall panels, repairing and repointing the newly exposed masonry brick walls, restoring the blocked window openings, and reconstructing the Italianate cornice.

The project also included the replacement of the aluminum storefronts with new signage and illumination. Due to the terms of the grant, the construction documents had to be completed within 60 days of notice to proceed.

HDC also acted as Construction Manager to the Owner and managed all the subcontractors.